2010 Venturi Sport Cars Venturi America Electric Sport Cars

French automaker Venturi unveiled a new concept cars at the 2010 Paris Motor Show known as the Venturi America. The dune-buggy inspired pays a tribute to traditional America while incorporating some ecological awareness. This new American dream is embodied by this new model from VENTURI : a high-riding electric sports car that one can see oneself driving, one’s hair in the wind, through the fantastic scenery offered by this vast continent.
Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles, builders of the original $400,000 Fetish all-electric sports car, and a series of innovative zero-emission vehicles since, are displaying its newest showcase electric car, the Venturi AMERICA.
A real synthesis of two exclusive automobile worlds, the AMERICA is both an electric sports car and an all-terrain leisure vehicle. This “mix” approach ensures extreme versatility in use. Its performance, balance and sports car road-holding, combined with its particularly high body and specific tyre mounting, ensure that it is equally at ease on steep paths as on the highway. This electric “Buggy” offers the possibility of venturing off the beaten track while respecting the environment in terms of both noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
2010 Venturi Sport Cars Venturi America Electric Sport Cars
Equipped with the same motor of over 300 hp as the VENTURI FÉTISH, this new-era “buggy” is, in fact, a high-powered lightweight vehicle with a chassis specially designed to suit its particularly high body. The AMERICA is nevertheless an acceleration car that symbolizes “cool green attitude” while being a luxury technological product.
The 2010 Venturi Sport Cars Venturi America Electric Sport Cars is an electric power driven one and the engine is same as that fitted on the Venturi Fetish. The power that we get is 300 hp or 220 kw and more along with 380 Nm of torque. The battery pack that is installed on the car is a 54 KwHr rated one and has LIV-10 Lithium ion Polymer cells.
The battery management system has been designed by Ventec who are the leading people in this field, which provides a range of up to 300 km at a stabilized speed of 90 km/h (190 miles at 56 mph stabilized). It can recharge using a standard electrical socket in 8 hours or at fast charge terminals in 3 hours.
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