Congressman Grayson: "Breaking and Entering Does Not Become Legal Just Because a Big Bank Does It. The Rule of Law Must Apply Equally to Everyone"

Congressman Alan Grayson's office sent me the following statement by the Congressman on the rampant foreclosure fraud, and the unlawful breaking and entering into people's homes by the banks:

First we see systemic fraud in the foreclosure process. Now we're literally seeing banks breaking into people’s homes and terrifying homeowners. The big banks claim these confrontations are a result of innocent errors. Come on! How many times are we going to force a woman to cower in her bathroom for fifteen minutes and dial 911 while a man breaks into a home, before we do something about it?

Breaking and entering does not become legal just because a big bank does it. The rule of law must apply equally to everyone. It's long past time to halt this blatantly illegal activity. We need investigation and law enforcement, not coddling of failed institutions. We need justice for all.
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