Review Cagiva 750 Elefant | Specifications

Review Cagiva 750 Elefant And Specifications

At face value the Cagiva Elefant was born of the marriage that is not possible, but the reality of marriage up (then Cagiva owned) Ducati V-twin with a monster trailie, proven desert racer type chassis only kind of disappointed with the masterstroke of poor build quality. Elefant large (the 750 also produced) is alive, is handled quite well and even half-decent off-road. Now look old, though.

Machine Cagiva Elefant 750
The Cagiva 750 and 900 are activated by Elefants standard rate of air-cooled Ducati Desmo two-valver, which proved right at home in the chassis boy offers high flexibility and poked and enough enthusiasm to make the Super Twins Teneres Africa and looks boring.

Ride and Handling Cagiva Elefant 750
The Cagiva Elefant's wheel, as you might expect from a motorcycle from an Italian company, which suggests a sharp and vivid (for large trailie) but it's quite stable and luxurious thanks to a half decent Marzocchi and Ohlins suspension components. The chair is no need to narrow and firm, yet.

Equipment Cagiva Elefant 750
Although the proper cycle (Marzocchi and Ohlins plus Brembo brakes, etc.), the rest of the Cagiva Elefant unfortunately pretty basic, crude and decoration-free. Hours and gifts do the job, but not in the same league as Honda Africa Twin. Compare and buy parts for Cagiva Elefant in MCN Shop.

Quality and Reliability Cagiva Elefant 750
Monster trailies need more durable than most so Cagiva Elefant, a typical dreary by the early 1990s, the misery of poor italian paint, doubted the reliability and corrosion resistance is inadequate, it asked for trouble. No major mechanical disaster, but they need to treat with kid gloves

Value Cagiva Elefant 750
The Cagiva Elefant seemingly represents a lot of bike for the money and a cheap way into 'Ducati' ownership. The downsides are dodgy styling and paintjobs (brown among them) - so make sure you get a Lucky Strike replica - and iffy finish and reliability, so do your homework when being used. Find Cagiva motorcycles for sale.

Insurance Cagiva Elefant 750
Insurance group: 11
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Model History Cagiva Elefant 750
January 1993: Cagiva Elefant 900 launched.
January 1994: Cagiva Elefant 750 launched.
1995: Both models receive restyled seat unit.
1999: Both models discontinued.
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