Hindu “Holy Man ... Exposed for Running a Huge Call Girl Racket with Over a 1,000 Girls That Serviced ... Politicians and Influential People"

The Global Post notes:

In recent weeks, in New Delhi a holy man called Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakootwale was exposed for running a huge call girl racket with over a 1,000 girls that serviced, among others, politicians and influential people.

In Bangalore, Swami Nithyananda -- whose ashram had several branches in the United States and all over the world -- was caught on camera having sex with an actor. Even as his shell-shocked devotees called for action, Nithyananda first said he was being framed by a digitally altered video. When a second tape with yet another actor surfaced, he admitted to the incident and fled the ashram with police hot on his tail.

Other swamis have been charged with cheating, rape and child sexual abuse. The wave of scandals involving holy men had one leading newspaper headlining, "baba black sheep, have you any scruples?"

The Mormon and other churches (and this) have also been hit with sex scandals.

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