It's Not Just the Banks ... Defense and Pharmaceutical Giants Also Too Big

Everyone knows that the megabanks are considered too big to fail.

But its not just banks ...

There was AIG and the big auto makers.

And CNN noted yesterday that the government found pharmaceutical giant Pfizer "too big to nail".

And former high-level CIA officer Giraldi notes that the national security apparatus has grown too powerful to rein in:

Giraldi believes that, as with companies such as AIG and GM becoming “too big to fail,” the size and success of this massive national security espionage scandal has simply become too big to bust...

Giraldi added, “The people in Congress and in the Justice Department who should be investigating this…and also in the media—because the media is tied hand and foot to government—this is all part of one big, you know, conspiracy, if you want to look at it this way. And, essentially, this is a story that they don’t want to get out.”

Forget free market capitalism. Forget checks and balances.

A handful of dinosaurs are using raw size and power to control everyone else.

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